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Marshall Library

Name Description of archival holdings Catalogue
BONAR, James (1852-1941)

1 box correspondence and papers on foundation of The Economic Association, Indian Civil Service Examinations and promotion of study of Economics at University College, London. Correspondents include W. Cunningham, Clara E. Collet, F.Y. Edgeworth, H.S. Foxwell, J.N. Keynes, A. Marshall and L.L.F.R. Price. Translation of part of Knapp's Staatliche Theorie des Geldes annotated by Bonar for publication.

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BROMBERG, Benjamin (fl1961) 1 folder correspondence to Sir Geoffrey Keynes enclosing his additions to published bibliography of Irving Fisher and photographs of 1961 New York University Library exhibition on 25th anniversary of publication of Keynes's General Theory, using volumes from Bromberg's collection. Catalogue
CAIRNS, Andrew (fl1932) 3 reports on economic conditions in regions of Russia, prepared for Empire Marketing Board after fact-finding tours in summer of 1932. Catalogue
CAMBRIDGE ECONOMIC CLUB 2 bound volumes of papers read to the Society, 1884-5 and 1886-94 Catalogue

The Cambridge Growth Project was a large econometric research project set up in the University of Cambridge Department of Applied Economics in 1960 and ending in 1987. Its major academic contribution was the Cambridge Multisectoral Dynamic Model of the British economy. Led initially by Nobel Prize winner (1984) Professor Sir Richard Stone and later by Dr Terry Barker, the project developed a model of the British economy. It was used to forecast economic growth of the British economy in the 1970s, and was later used for regional and environmental modelling and forecasting. Funding for the project was first provided by the Ford Foundation, and later by the Social Sciences Research Council, replaced in 1983 by the Economic and Social Research Council. The model was made commercially available through a limited company, Cambridge Econometrics. This was set up by members of the project and celebrated 25 years in business in September, 2003.

The archive of the Cambridge Growth Project, comprising 56 archive boxes, is housed in the basement of the Marshall Library. The collection is for general research use and documents marked CONFIDENTIAL are not accessible except by written request to Dr. Barker.

Scholars wishing to consult the Cambridge Growth Project archives are strongly advised to consult its catalogue, identify the items they wish to consult and forward this information to the librarian when they arrange their visit. The archive catalogue is available to download as two .pdf files:

Cambridge Growth Project Catalogue : Part 1

Cambridge Growth Project Catalogue : Part 2

CHECKLAND, Edith Olive Anthony 1 box papers accumulated when writing on Juichi Soyeda (1864-1929), Japanese Banker and pupil of Alfred Marshall at Cambridge University. Uncatalogued
COASE, Ronald Henry (1910-) Typescript of paper entitled Alfred Marshall's Family and Ancestry given as after dinner speech at Marshall Conference, Cambridge, August 1990. Catalogue
COLLETT, Clara Elizabeth (1860-1948) Letter and 6 pages reminiscences of her youth and the family of Karl Marx, sent to Piero Sraffa 1944. Catalogue
COURCELLE SENEUIL, Jean-Gustave (1813-1892) 5 letters to Mrs Byse 1881-9, a portrait on wood by Mme de Huici and published obituary (in French) by Diego Barras Arana. Catalogue
Department of Applied Economics
The Marshall Library holds a complete set of the Annual Reports of the Department of Applied Economics, 1946-2003 Catalogue
DOUGLAS, Harry Kenneth (fl1914-1988)

17 books of notes taken at Cambridge Economics lectures when an undergraduate at St Catherine's College 1932-5.



FAWCETT, Henry (1833-1884)

17 letters from him, his wife Millicent Garrett Fawcett or his emanuensis Edward W. Brown 1859-66, 13 to Mrs Fanny Hertz of Bradford, Yorkshire and 4 to S.C. Kell. Purchased from Dobell's Catalogue 1936.

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FAY, Charles Ryle (1884-1961) 48 letters to him from various economists including J.H. Clapham, H.S. Foxwell, A. Marshall (10 items) and J.S. Nicholson (6 items). 20 economic maps and charts relating to the UK and Canada. Deposited by Fay in 1938 and 1944. Catalogue
FOXWELL, Herbert Somerton, (1849-1936)

91 letters both to and from Foxwell. Of those to Foxwell (1883-1917), 52 are from A. Marshall and 27 from J.M. Keynes. Letters from Foxwell to Henry Beeton and Sir George Darwin. 11 glass slides of pages from works of Duc de Sully and Nicolas Baudeau.

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HENDERSON, Ronald Frank 21 folders of notes taken at Cambridge Economics lectures, when an undergraduate at Clare College c1936-8. Uncatalogued
HILTON, John (1880-1943) 2 scrapbooks of his articles from News Chronicle. Miscellaneous 19th century family papers of Hilton, Williams, Morris and Parry families of Lancashire, Shropshire and Denbighshire, North Wales. Catalogue
JEVONS, William Stanley (1835-1882) 4 hand drawn charts showing variation in prices, price of consols relative to bankruptcies and price of wheat, inventions from patents granted, prices of various household commodities. Catalogue
KEYNES, John Neville (1852-1949)

3 boxes correspondence (c440 items) and papers concerning his works published by Macmillans. Letters are mainly pre 1900, correspondents include J. Bonar, F.Y. Edgeworth, H.S. Foxwell, A. Marshall. Also papers relating to Keynes' writing of Henry Sidgwick's obituary and Pigou's appeal against military service, 1916.

Section 1 : 1/1 - 1/165

Section 1 : 1/166 - 1/314

Section 2 - 5

MARSHALL, Alfred (1842-1924)

22 boxes and c10 large volumes correspondence, notes, lectures, teaching records, graphs and charts, writings, photographs and autobiographical material. These have all been catalogued and the catalogues are all available below in pdf format:

Section 1 : Correspondence 1/1 - 1/249

Section 1 : Correspondence 1/250 - 1/381

Section 2 : University teaching

Section 3 : Lecture notes

Section 4 : Early notes in folders

Section 5 : Late notes in bundles

Section 6 : Writings, charts and tables

Section 7 : Graphs, charts and tables

Section 8 : Papers on economics tripos of 1903

Section 9 : Autobiography and personal honours

Section 10 : Photographs

Section 11 : Supplementary material including photocopies

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MARSHALL, Mary Paley (1850-1944)

Many items catalogued within Alfred Marshall's papers. About 30 letters to her from Benjamin Jowett and J.M. Keynes, notes taken at Alfred's Lectures to Women, May Term 1873, travel notes, photographs, large portfolio of her watercolours of the Tyrol and Italy.

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Catalogued within Alfred Marshall's catalogues
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MARSHALL CONFERENCE 1990 1 box papers concerning organisation of conference held in Cambridge 28-30 August 1990 to mark the centenary of the publication of Alfred Marshall's Principles of Economics. Uncatalogued
MARSHALL LIBRARY ARCHIVES 6 boxes of non-current records, most in named files. Uncatalogued
MARSHALL SOCIETY 5 volumes minutes 1927-1956 and 1 volume accounts 1939-1951. 3 files President's correspondence 1963-81. 1 box-file of papers, 1929-1957, mainly the texts of papers read to the Society. Also papers of the Study Group on Monetary Policy (summarily listed) and printed pamphlets given by speakers to meetings. Cambridge House Bulletins nos.20-72, 1922-1927. Catalogue
PHILLIPS, Alban William Housego (Bill) (1914-1975 1 folder photocopies of published articles about Phillips' machine to show fundamental economic relationships in the Economy by a flow of coloured water, 1925-1995. 3 videotapes of demonstration of the model at the LSE. Restored machine is in Meade Room of Faculty of Economics, Cambridge. Uncatalogued
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Phillips machine in Meade Room, Faculty of Economics Close-up of the Phillips machine Demonstration of the Phillips Machine by Alan McRobie as part of the Alumni Week, Sept. 2010
PREST, Alan Richmond 16 folders notes taken at Cambridge Economics lectures when an undergraduate at Clare College, c1938-40. Uncatalogued
PIGOU, Arthur Cecil(1877-1959) 1 file papers from Committee on Currency and Bank of England Note Issues. 1 box his notes on books read and undergraduate lectures, notes found in copies of his books inMarshall Library, and papers from Irish Convention's Ground Committee 1917. Typescript An analytical account of the general economic movement in the United Kingdom between the Armistice and the restoration of the Gold Standard, c1942. Large number of offprints of his published articles (1904-1954) collected by A.N.L. Munby. Catalogue
RICARDO,David (1772 -1823)

Contemporary bound copy of his will of 4 April 1820 and two codicils.

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ROBERTSON, Dennis Holme (1890-1963)

19 items correspondence and notes formerly interleaved in his Economics pamphlet collection.

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ROBINSON, Edward Austin Gossage(1897-1993)

108 boxes plus 7 filing cabinet drawers. Includes personal and Economics Faculty correspondence, diaries and autobiographical notes, lecture notes and speeches, statistics, papers relating to work in India, Pakistan, Italy and Germany, correspondence and papers International Economic Association. Large number of photographs.

Additional material Churchill College Tel. 01223 336087

RUSSELL, Edward Richard (1834-1920)

1 volume MS text of 2 papers he read to Liverpool Philomathic Society in 1874, on The Autobiography of John Stuart Mill and On Morals in Politics.


RYMES, Thomas K. (1932-2011)

Papers from his project to collect undergraduate notes taken at J.M. Keynes' lectures 1932-5. Include original and photocopied notes.

SHOVE, Gerald Frank (1887-1947)

6 boxes of papers. Undergraduate lecture notes, writings including early paper on dangers of over-population, 2 Fellowship essays on G. E. Moore's System of Ethics and methods of raising local revenue, lecture to British Association, 12 folders notes for his Cambridge lecture courses, 12 volumes notes on others' published works.



Hand drawn chart of The Organisational History of the Cotton Unions 1850-1910 and Union Membership Numbers 1860-1910. Together with printed map of Principal Cotton Districts of N.W. England issued by Cotton Board, Industry Relations Dept., Manchester c1951.

WILCOCK, George David Norwood

5 folders notes taken at Cambridge Economics lectures when an Undergraduate at Queens' College c1944-6.