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Blogs and Podcasts

The following are blogs and podcasts which have been recommended to us, or which we have found and thought might be of interest.
If you would like to suggest a link to another useful institutional repository, please feel free to use our Online Resource Link Suggestion Form. We will then consider adding it to the list of resources below.

Blogs (Economics)
Title Description Access Route

A Fine Theorem

A blog on economics and economic history. Unrestricted is a blog aggregator for Economics research hosted by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Unrestricted

INET's The Institute Blog

Promotes any events, grants, videos, interviews, conferences, and guest contributions related to the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Unrestricted
Podcasts (Economics)
Title Descprition Access Route
CAGE Leverhulme Lectures 2011

Offers access to the podcasts by Prof. Mark Thomas on 'The Mid-Victorian Economy: earning, making and spending in Britain in 1851' (17:11, Thu 26 May 2011) and 'Modelling the Atlantic Economy: A Social Accounting Approach, 1850-1940' (13:43, Fri 13 May 2011).

Economic and Social History at Cambridge (podcasts)

Provides access to podcasts, such as lectures given by Osamu Saito (Leverhulme lectures 2012), Bruce Campbell (Ellen McArthur lectures 2013) and Nick Crafts (Ellen McArthur lectures 2009).

Economic History Society's Tawney Lectures
Provides access to podcasts of all Tawney Lectures from 2007 onwards. This includes Jane Humphries' 2010 lecture on 'Childhood and Child Labour in the British Industrial Revolution', and Deborah Oxley's 2013 lecture on 'Weighty Matters: Anthropometrics, Gender and Health Inequality in History'. Unrestricted
Human Capital and Economic Outcomes in a European Developing Economy by Prof Sheilagh Ogilvie Presentation delivered 3 December 2013 by Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie (University of Cambridge), newly appointed BA/Wolfson Research Professor (published on 13 Dec 2013, on the The British Academy YouTube channel). Unrestricted
LSE Public Lectures and Events, Podcasts and videos Podcasts to public lectures and events, ranging from 2006 onwards on a variety of topics and disciplines; from Ha-Joon Chang's Economics, But Not as You Know It (1 May 2014), to Asia Forum 2006 Session Two : Governance (7 December 2006). Unrestricted
National Public Radio's "Planet Money" programme Example of one podcast: What A 16th Century Guild Teaches Us About Competition (27 March 2012). Unrestricted
Oxford University's Economics Podcasts Podcasts from 2008 onwards, including lectures such as Nicholas Stern's Economics of Climate Change (14 Apr 2008) and John Round's/Nicolette Makovicky's (In)formal Economies, Economies of Favour: The End of Transition?' (25 Mar 2014). Unrestricted