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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
DEA (Department of Economic Affairs) Progress Report Basement (1965-1969) (contin. of Bulletin for Industry) (contin. as HM Treasury Economic Progress Report)
Department of Employment Gazette Basement (1971-1979) (contin. of Employment and Productivity Gazette) (contin. as Employment Gazette)
Derivatives Use, Trading & Regulation Gallery 149 (1995-2006)
Deutsche Bundesbank, Annual Report Gallery 149
Deutsche Bundesbank, Monthly Report Gallery 149
(1957- imperf.) (contin. of Bank Deutscher Lander, Monthly Report)
Developing Economies Gallery 149 (1963-2012 imperf.)
Development Gallery 141 (High) (1985- 2006 imperf.)
Development of the Oil and Gas Resources of the United Kingdom Basement (1975-1999) Development of UK Oil and Gas Resources
Development Policy Review Gallery 141 (High) (1983-2007) (contin. of ODI Review)
Digest of Agricultural Census Statistics Basement (1991-1997) Agricultural Statistics United Kingdom : agricultural censuses and production
Digest of Colonial Statistics Basement (1952-1958) (contin. as Quarterly Digest of Colonial Statistics)
Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics Gallery 181
(1990 - )
(1990- )
District Bank Review Basement (1946-1968) (contin. as National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review)
Documentation Economique Basement (1935-1968)
Domestic Food Consumption and Expenditure Basement (1949-1964) (contin. as Household Food Consumption and Expenditure)