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Marshall Library


What are eCounterItems?

Scans of book chapters & journal articles found on undergraduate & MPhil reading lists. They are available 24/7 and, because they are in .pdf format, can be printed easily. Access to them is RAVEN authenticated and course specific i.e. Part IIA students can only access Part IA eCounterItems.

How do you access them?

Via the iDiscover catalogue

Simply search for the book you require and then, if a chapter has been scanned & made available online, follow the electronic access link to a .pdf version of that chapter.

Via Marshall Library Moodle site

Here you will be able to browse all of the eCounterItems that have been made available for a particular paper.

Access problems ... If you are unable to obtain access via either of the options above, please contact us at and we will investigate the cause of the problem.

Help us to help you!

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