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Marshall Library


Access to the archives collection

Access to the archives collection is by prior appointment only. Visiting scholars are advised to contact the library well in advance of their proposed visit and should note that the Library is closed for a week at Christmas and Easter, and also for two weeks during August (please check the library's calendar, and news feed).

Visitors should note that access to the archive collection may not be possible at certain times during term when the Library is particularly busy, and also at certain times during vacations, particularly the summer vacation, when the Library operates with a skeleton staff.

Basement books

A significant amount of older books, rare pamphlets and the unique Cambridge Growth Project are stored in the Marshall Library Basement. These may be requested online or at the Issue Desk.

Rare books

The library also preserves many rare and annotated books once owned by distinguished Cambridge economists such as Marshall and Keynes. These have all been catalogued and can be searched for on the general Library catalogue. They are all located on closed access and will have to be requested at the Issue Desk, or in advance of your visit.

Archival scanning

The library is able to provide digital scans of requested archival documents. Please note that copies of archival materials are provided at the discretion of the Librarian and are subject to UK Copyright law. Examples of scanned documents are illustrated below - click on each image to get a PDF of each document.

marshall archive scan thumbnail marshall archive scan thumbnail 2 marshall archive scan thumbnail 3