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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Pakistan Development Review Gallery 170
(1961-1975, 1978, 1989-2014)
Pakistan Economic and Social Review Basement (1970-1988 imperf.) (contin. of The Punjab University Economist)
Pakistan Economic Journal Basement (1949-1961)
Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics Basement (1982-2001)
People's Year Book... Basement (1930) (contin. of Co-operative Wholesale Societies (Ltd.), Annual )
Philippine Economic Journal Basement (1963-1974)
Pilot Papers Basement (1945-1947)
Planning Basement (1933-1977)
Planning Basement (1954-1965)
Policy Studies Institute Basement (1978-1985)
Polish Facts and Figures Basement (1948-1974)
Politica Basement (1934-1939)
Politica ed Economia Basement (1976-1992)
Political Economy Basement (1985-1990)
Political Quarterly Basement (1930-2006)
Politico (Il) Basement (1961-2006)
Population and Development Review Gallery 171
(1975- )
Population Projections Basement (1971-1989) National Population Projections
Population Projections: area Basement (1977-1988)
Population Review Basement (1957-1963)
Population studies Gallery 170 (1997 - 2006)
Population Trends Basement (1975-2006)
Population Trends
Practical issues arising from the introduction of the Euro Basement (1996-1998)
Prague News Letter Basement (1948-1967)
Prospect Gallery 171 (1997-)
Public Domain Basement (1991-1992) (contin. as Public Services Yearbook)
Public Finance Basement (1951-1997 imperf.)
Public Interest Basement (1969-2005)
Public Money Basement (1985-1987) (contin. as Public Money and Management)
Public Money and Management Basement (1988-2004) (contin. of Public Money)
Public Policy Digest of the National Planning Association Basement (1941-1945) (contin. of NESPA Guide)
Public Policy Research Gallery 170 (2005-2013) (contin. of New Economy)
Publications of the American Economic Association Online access only (contin. as American Economic Association Quarterly)