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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Tata Quarterly Basement (1946-1969 imperf.)
Tax Foundation Monthly Tax Features Basement (1958-1974)
Tax Foundation Tax Review Basement (1958-1974)
Theoretical economics Gallery 175 (2010 - )
Times 1000 Basement (1970-1998)
Times Review of Industry and Technology Basement (1947-1967)
Times Trade and Engineering Basement (1936-1947)
Tinbergen Institute Research Bulletin Basement (1989-1992)
Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy Online only (2001-)
Topics in Macroeconomics Online only (2001-)
Topics in Theoretical Economics Online only (2001-)
Trade and Development Basement (1981-1985 imperf.)
Trade and the environment: news and views from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Basement (1993-1997)
Trades Union Economic Review Basement (1968-1980)
Transactions of the Manchester Statistical Society Gallery 167 (1936-1989)
Transport Statistics Great Britain Gallery 181
(1976- 2004)
Trimestre Economico Basement (1962-2004)
TUC Labour Basement (1967-1977)