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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Cahiers d'Economie Politique Basement (1974 - 1996 imperf.)
Cahiers Economiques de Bruxelles Basement (1958-1982 imperf.)
Cambridge Economic Policy Review Basement (1975-1982) (contin. of Economic Policy Review)
Cambridge Journal of Economics Gallery 148 (1977-)
Cambridge Review of Development Politics Basement (1991)
Cambridge University Reporter Basement
(1873- 2009/10)
Canadian Journal of Economics Gallery 148
(1975 - 2012)
1935 - 1974 imperf. (duplicates)
(1935-2012) (contin. of Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science)
Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science Basement (1935-1967) (contin. as Canadian Journal of Economics)
Capital and Class Gallery 148
(1977-2006) (contin. of Bulletin of the Conference of Socialist Economists)
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy Gallery 148 (1976- 2001 imperf.) (supplement to Journal of Monetary Economics)
Central Bank of Ireland, Quarterly (Statistical) Bulletin Basement (1944-1973 imperf.)
Central Bank of Ireland, Statistical Supplement Basement (1965-1988) (contin. as Central Bank of Ireland, Monthly Statistics)
Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Annual Report Basement (1978-)
Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Review of the Economy Basement
CEPR Bulletin Basement (1984-2001)
CESifo Economic Studies Basement (2003- 2005) ifo Studien
Challenge Gallery 148 - 149
(1991- 2014)
Changes in the Cost of Living Basement (1936-1940)
Changes in the Rates of Wages and Hours Basement (1911-1982)
Chase Economic Bulletin Basement (1922-1937)
Cleveland Trust Company Business Bulletin Basement (1933-1977 imperf.)
Comision Nacional de Valores Basement (1964-1972 imperf.)
Commerce With Europe Basement (1790-1890)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Statistical Bulletin Basement (1937-1959)
Conseil National du Credit Annual Report Overview Basement (1992-)
Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy Online (2001-)
Contributions to Macroeconomics Online (2001-)
Contributions to Political Economy Gallery 149 (1982-)
Contributions to Theoretical Economics Online (2001-)
Co-operative Wholesale Societies (Ltd.), Annual Basement (1890, 1893) (contin. as People's Year Book...)
Cotton Production in the United States Basement (1922-1939 imperf.)
Critiques de l'Economie Politique Basement (1977-1985)