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Marshall Library

Marshall Library rules
1. No talking is permitted in the Library.
2. With the exception of bottles of water, students should not take food and drink into the reading room (this does not apply in the Social Area near the entrance to the library).

3. Readers may only borrow books on their own library card and must show their card whenever they wish to borrow. Readers wishing to borrow books on another card must show a letter of authorization from the owner of that card, whatever the circumstances.

Remember - readers are responsible for any items borrowed on their card.

4. Readers should report lost books immediately. You will be charged the full replacement cost of the book plus a £5 administrative charge. Fines on the lost book will continue to accrue until the Library receives payment for the lost item. The replacement cost will not be refunded if the book is subsequently found. Unavailable out-of-print books will be charged at a flat rate of £50. Readers who deface books will be charged the full replacement cost of the book plus a £5 administrative charge.
5. Readers are requested to take special care of books on wet days. The replacement cost will be charged for water-damaged books.
6. All books must be issued at the Issue Desk before being taken from the Library. Anyone repeatedly trying to leave with unissued books will face a possible ban from the Library.
7. Mobile phones should be set to silent before being brought into the Library.
8. Books should not be taken out of the UK without the Librarian's permission.

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Mary Paley Study Room



The Mary Paley Room is a group study space located within the Marshall Library that can be booked by groups of two or more students. Click here to check room availability and to make a booking.

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