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Finding pamphlets

The Marshall Library has two pamphlet collections, one is at the start of the Open Shelf collection (in the main library), the other is in the Basement.

The two images below show how open shelf and basement pamphlets appear on the library catalogue.

(Open Shelf) Pamphlets

(Open Shelf) Pamphlets held on the first floor of library appear on the catalogue like this:
open pamphlet

(Open Shelf) Pamphlets are located on the first floor of the library in the alcove opposite the issue desk as shown on the plan below.

Basement pamphlets

Basement pamphlets appear on the library catalogue like this:
basement pamphlet

Basement pamphlets are located in the basement and have to be fetched by library staff. As any other Basement items, Basement pamphlet need to be requested (either by paper slip, or via our Basement Request Form).

Ground Floor Marshall Library Plan (png) 1st Floor of Marshall Library (click to enlarge)

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Mary Paley Study Room



The Mary Paley Room is a group study space located within the Marshall Library that can be booked by groups of two or more students. Click here to check room availability and to make a booking.

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