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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Halbjahresberichte zur Wirtschaftslage Basement (1937-1941) (contin. of Vierteljahreshefte zur Konjunkturforschung)
Handbook of Labor Statistics Basement (1973-1990 imperf.)
Harvard Business Review Gallery 155 (1997-2006)
Harvard Economic Service Weekly Letters Basement (1925-1931)
Highway Statistics Gallery 181
(1963-1973) Transport Statistics
Historical Studies in Industrial Relations Gallery 155 (1996-2004)
History of Economic Thought Newsletter Gallery 155 (1968-)
History of Political Economy Gallery 148 (1969- 2011)
HM Treasury Economic Progress Report Basement (1970-1990) (contin. of DEA Progress Report) (contin. as HM Treasury Economic Briefing)
Hokudai Economic Papers Basement (1975/6-1988/9) (contin. as Economic Journal of Hokkaido University)
Household Food Consumption and Expenditure Basement (1965-1991) (contin. of Domestic Food Consumption and Expenditure)
Households Below Average Income Basement (1993-2002)
Housing and Construction Statistics (Annual) Basement (1981-1998) (contin. as Housing Statistics / Construction Statistics)
Housing and Construction Statistics (Quarterly) Basement (1972-1990 imperf.)
Housing Statistics Basement (2001-2004) (contin. of Housing and Construction Statistics (Annual))