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Marshall Library



Software manuals available in the Marshall Library

The Marshall maintains a large selection of manuals supporting all of the main types of software used in the Faculty of Economics. These can be found in the library at 70 H and the individual subdivisions are shown below. Clicking on either the links or the book images will bring up a list of all books held by the library related to that particular software program.

70 HA Stata 
70 HB Mathematica 
70 HC Oxmetrics 
70 HC:a PcGive 
70 HC:b STAMP 
70 HC:c Ox 
70 HC:d G&rch 
70 HC:e GiveWin 
70 HD Matlab 
70 HE Microfit 
70 HF Eviews
70 HG Maple 
70 HH Minitab 
70 HI Gauss 
70 HJ Shazam
70 HK Microsoft 
70 HM Latex 
70 HZ Miscellaneous