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Who can borrow?

Borrowing eligibility

  • if you are on a taught course, we will normally set the the expire date accordingly.
  • if your card expires in 6 month (or less) we will ask you to either

a) bring a letter from your department (or the Board of Graduate Studies), stating the date of the end of your course / contract.


b) ask your supervisor or a person in charge of your department's administration to , stating the expected completion date of your research degree/Ph.D./time of employment.

Obtaining a University Card

If you have not got a university card, or need to renew it, please contact your College or Faculty University card representative, or the University Card Office.

University Card Office

Ground Floor
Old Press Building
17 Mill Lane

01223 (7)66908 or 01223 (7)66209

university card office plan