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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Radical Political Economics Basement (1973-1992)
Rand Journal of Economics Basement (1984- 2012 imperf.) (contin. of Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science)
Regional Statistics Basement (1975-1980) (contin. of Abstract of Regional Statistics) (contin. as Regional Trends)
Regional Studies Basement (1990-2005 imperf.)
Regional Trends Gallery181
(1981-2008) (contin. of Regional Statistics) Region and Country Profiles
Report of the Economic Co-operation Administration Basement (1950-1951)
Report on Competition Policy (Commission of the European Communities) Basement (1980- imperf.)
Report to Congress of the Economic Cooperation Administration Basement (1948-1951)
Report...on Strikes and Lockouts (Board of Trade) Basement (1898-1913)
Research in Labor Economics Basement (1977-)
Reserve Bank of India, Monthly Bulletin Basement (1998- imperf.)
Reserve Bank of India, Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India Basement (1916-1968 imperf.)
Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Bulletin Basement (1952-1962 imperf.)
Review of Austrian Economics Basement (1987-1990)
Review of Economic Conditions in Italy Gallery 171
(2003- )
(1947- )
(1947- imperf.)
Review of Economic Progress (Queensland Bureau of Industry) Basement (1949-1952)
Review of Economic Statistics Basement (1919-1947) (contin. as Review of Economics and Statistics)
Review of Economic Studies Gallery 171 (1933-2014)
Review of Economics and Statistics Gallery 171
(1948-) (contin. of Review of Economic Statistics)
Review of Financial Studies Gallery 172 (1991-2007)
Review of Income and Wealth Gallery 173
(1966-2012 imperf.) (contin. of Income and Wealth)
Review of Industrial Organization Gallery 173 (1991-2011)
Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics Basement (1951-1969 imperf.)
Review of Political Economy Gallery 173 (1989-)
Review of Radical Political Economics Gallery 173
Review of Social Economy Gallery 173
(1944-61, 1995-)
Review of the Trade of India Basement (1895-1947)
Revue de l'Institute International de Statistique Basement (1933-1971) International Statistical Review
Revue de Science et de Legislation Financieres Basement (1947-1955 imperf.) (contin. as Revue de Science Financiere)
Revue de Science Financiere Basement (1956-1975 imperf.) (contin. of Revue de Science et de Legislation Financieres)
Revue d'Economie Politique Basement (1929-1990)
Revue Economique Gallery 173
Rivista de Politica Economica Basement (1959-1991)
Rivista Internazionale i Scienze Economiche e Commerciali Basement (1961-1985)
Royal Economic Society Newsletter Gallery 173 (1992- imperf.)