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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Nankai Economic Studies Basement (1994-)
National Accounts of OECD Countries. Vol. II. Detailed Tables Basement (2000- 2004) OECD National Accounts. Volume 2. Detailed tables
National Bank of Egypt, Economic Bulletin Basement (1989-1990)
National Banking Review Basement (1963-1967)
National Economy (Bulgaria) Basement (1936-1947)
National Food Survey Basement (1992-2000)
National Income and Expenditure Basement (1960-1984) (contin. as United Kingdom National Accounts (Blue Book))
National Institute Economic Review Gallery 168 - 169 (1959-)
National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Annual Report Basement (1960-2002)
National Population Projections Basement (1991-2004) Population Projections
National Provincial Bank Review Basement (1948-1968) (contin. as National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review)
National Tax Association Proceedings Basement (1995-2002)
National Tax Journal Gallery 169
National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review Basement (1968-1993) (contin. of Westminster Bank Review AND National Provincial Bank Review AND District Bank Review)
Nationalokonomisk Tiddskrift Basement (1963-1969)
NBER Reporter Basement (1987- 2003 imperf.)
Nederlandsche Bank, Quarterly Bulletin Basement (1988-1992)
Nederlandsche Bank, Quarterly Statistics Basement (1986-1990)
NESPA Guide (National Economic and Social Planning Association) Basement (1940-1941) (contin. as Public Policy Digest of the National Planning Association
New Earnings Survey Basement (1968- 2003 imperf.)
New Economics Basement (1994-1998)
New Economy Basement (1994-2004) (contin. as Public Policy Research)
New Left Review Basement (1965- 2006 imperf.)
New Review of the Low Pay Unit Basement (1989-2002) (contin. of Low Pay Review)
New Technology, Work and Employment Basement (1986- 2006)
Norway Statistics Yearbook Basement (1967-1974)
NZIER (New Zealand Institute of Economic Research) Quarterly Predictions of National Income and Expenditure Basement (1964- 2001)