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Journal title Location(s) Holdings Continuation of Continues as
Labour Gallery 167 - 168
Labour Fact Service Basement (1939-1976)
Labour Force Survey Quarterly Bulletin Basement (1992-1998 imperf.) (contin. as Labour Force Survey Quarterly Supplement)
Labour Force Survey Quarterly Supplement Basement (1992-2004) (contin. of Labour Force Survey Quarterly Bulletin
Labour Gazette Basement (1893-1922) (contin. as Ministry of Labour Gazette)
Labour History Review Gallery 168 (1990-2004) (contin. of Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Labour History)
Labour Market Trends Basement (1996- 2001) (contin. of Employment Gazette)
Labour Report (Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, Canberra) Basement (1928-1940)
Labour Research Gallery 168
Labour Yearbook Basement (1916-1932 imperf.)
Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja Basement (1960-2003)
Living in Britain Gallery 181
(1994-2002 imperf.) (contin. of General Household Survey)
Local Authority Vital Statistics Basement (1974-1982) Vital Statistics. Local and health Areas
Local Economy Basement (1989-1990 imperf.)
London and Cambridge Economic Bulletin Basement (1923-1974)
London Business School, Centre for Economic Forecasting, International Economic Outlook Basement (1991-1994) (contin. as Economic Outlook (London Business School, Centre for Economic Forecasting))
Low Pay Review Basement (1980-1989) Low Pay Unit Bulletin (contin. as New Review of the Low Pay Unit)
Low Pay Unit Bulletin Basement (1979-1980) Low Pay Review
LSE Financial Markets Group Annual Report Basement (1988-1994 imperf.)