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ebooks - relevant to Economics & Development Studies, purchased in 2013-2014

Most of the ebooks below were bought and paid for by the Marshall Library of Economics. Some of them were found on reading lists, some titles were recommended by members of the Faculty of Economics, or the Centre of Development Studies.

Author Title Publisher Year EAN/ISBN Platform URL (only available on campus or via Raven user name and password)
Ljungqvist, Lars Recursive macroeconomic theory MIT Press 2012 9780262312011 EBSCO
Wrigley Energy and the English Industrial revolution Cambridge University Press 2010 9780511912719 Dawsonera
Reiss, Julian Philosophy of economics: a contemporary introduction Routledge 2013 9780203559062 Dawsonera
Knut Borchardt Perspectives on modern German economic history and policy CUP 1991 9780511622304 CBO
Anton, Donald K. Environmental protection and human rights CUP 2011 9780511974571 CBO
Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus The economics of saving and growth: theory, evidence, and implications for policy CUP 1999 9780511625923 CBO
Ehrenberg & Smith Modern Labor Economics Pearson Education 2013 9781292035338 Dawsonera
Borras, S. M. Transnational agrarian movements confronting globalization Wiley - Blackwell 2008 9781444307207 Dawsonera
Nederveen Pieterse, Jan Development theory : deconstructions/reconstructions Sage Publications 2010 9781849204491 EBSCO
Mishkin, Frederic S. Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (European ed.) Pearson Education 2013 9780273792994 Dawsonera
Becker, Gary S. Human capital: a theoretical and empirical analysis, with special reference to education (3rd ed.) University of Chicago Press 1993 9780226041223 Dawsonera
Head, Keith Elements of multinational strategy Springer 2007 9783540447665 Dawsonera
Harris, John New institutional economics and Third World development Routledge 1997 9780203444290 Dawsonera
Freixas, Xavier Microeconomics of banking (2nd ed.) MIT Press 2008 9780262273176 ebrary
Wooldridge, Jeffrey M. Econometric analysis of cross section and panel data (2nd ed.) MIT Press 2011 9780262294355 ebrary
Evanoff, Douglas D. Social value of the financial sector: too big to fail or just too big? World Scientific Publishing Company 2013 9789814520294 ebrary
Boardman, Anthony Cost-Benefit Analysis (4th rev. ed.) Pearson Education 2013 9781292035123 Dawsonera
Fujita, Masahisa The spatial economy: citites, regions and international trade MIT Press 1999 9780262273329 ebrary
Arestis, Philip Economic and Monetary Union macroeconomic policies: current practices and alternatives Palgrave Macmillan 2013 9781137317896 Dawsonera
Kleiber, Christian Applied econometrics with R Springer 2008 9780387773186 Dawsonera|eresources|309410
Calomiris, Charles W. Fragile by design Princeton University Press 2014 9781400849925 ebrary
Asbjørn Rødseth Open Economy Macroeconomics CUP 2000 9780511754074 CBO
William H. Janeway Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy: Markets, Speculation and the State CUP 2012 9781139381550 CBO
Richard H. Timberlake Constitutional Money: A Review of the Supreme Court's Monetary Decisions CUP 2013 9781139506601 CBO
Bjørn Lomborg The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World CUP 2001 9781139626378 CBO
Jeffrey C. Williams, Brian D. Wright Storage and Commodity Markets CUP 2001 9780511571855 CBO
Forrest Capie The Bank of England: 1950s to 1979 CUP 2010 9780511761478 CBO
Nicholas R. Lardy Agriculture in China's Modern Economic Development CUP 1983 9780511528422 CBO
Edited by Richard Arena, Pier Luigi Porta Structural Dynamics and Economic Growth CUP 2012 9781139059930 CBO
Frederic S. Lee Post Keynesian Price Theory CUP 1999 9780511492471 CBO
Steven J. Brams, Alan D. Taylor Fair Division: From Cake-Cutting to Dispute Resolution CUP 1996 9780511598975 CBO
A. Denny Ellerman, Paul L. Joskow, Richard Schmalensee, Juan-Pablo Montero, Elizabeth M. Bailey Markets for Clean Air: The U.S. Acid Rain Program CUP 2000 9780511528576 CBO
Hoekman, The political economy of the world trading system : the WTO and beyond (3rd ed.) Oxford University Press 2009 9781306452243 MyiLibrary
Carbonnier, Gilles International development policy Palgrave Macmillan 2012 9781137003409 ebrary
Clark, Gordon L. Managing financial risks Oxford University Press 2009 9780191570544 Dawsonera

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