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Easter Vacation Borrowing 2017

last modified Mar 06, 2017 09:01 AM

Easter Vacation Borrowing for MPhil, Undergraduate & Diploma students

Open Shelf / Basement Books

All are now borrowable until the end of vacation borrowing on Tuesday 25th April.


Short Loan Books

These are all subject to 'Total Recall' and must be returned to the Library by 9pm on Wednesday, 15th March.

Short Loan books not returned on Wednesday will generate fines of 50p per hour from 9am on Thursday morning.

Vacation borrowing for Short Loan books will begin at 9am on Thursday, 16th March.


Are you staying in Cambridge over the Easter period?

If you intend to say in Cambrige for the vacation and want to ensure that the books you will need are not borrowed and taken away please let us know which books you'd like us to convert to Reserve by:

a. Filling in a Temporary Vacation Reserve Form available at the Issue Desk

b. Using our online Temporary Vacation Reserve Form

 We will then consider making these books into temporary Reserve Books for the vacation.

What will this mean? 

The books you suggest that are added to the Reserve Book collection willl be available for one day loans (renewable five times) during the vacation. This should ensure that the books remain in Cambridge and that you have easy access to them.