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Place a hold / request

There are currently two ways in which you can place holds on books - using either LibrarySearch or the Newton catalogue. If the book you want to place a hold on has more than one copy in the Marshall Library then it is more efficient to use the Newton catalogue to place your hold.
Placing holds via LibrarySearch :
If there is only one copy of the book you want to place a hold on in the Marshall Library, then using Librarysearch to place your hold would be ok. However, if there are multiple copies of the book it would be best NOT to use Librarysearch to place your hold because it only allows you to place a hold on one copy at a time ... and you have no way of knowing which copy will be returned first : link arrowLibrary Search


LibrarySearch hold diagram

Placing holds via the Newton catalogue :
This is a much more efficient way of placing holds on titles where there are multiple copies. Basically it means that you are able to place one hold  on all copies simultaneously and it guarantees that you will receive the first copy that is returned. link arrowNewton Catalogue

Newton hold diagram

In order to place hold on a Marshall Library book you need to ...
1. Locate it on the Newton catalogue
2. Select 'Make a request'
3. Then select 'Marshall Library Hold'
4. Ensure that the 'Any Copy' option is selected as this will ensure that you place a hold on ALL copies held by the Marshall Library and that your request will be satisfied by the first copy that is returned :


Newton catalogue hold screenshot

If you leave 'This Copy' selected your hold will be placed only on that specific copy ... which won't necessarily be the first copy that gets returned to the library and you will have to wait a lot longer than if you had selected 'Any Copy'.