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Photocopy, print or scan


The PCs in the Library Gallery are part of the University's "Managed Cluster Service" (formerly PWF - Public Workstation Facility). They can be used by any current Cambridge University student (irrespective of faculty) with a "PWF" / "Desktop Services Password".

Alternatively, you can set up your own laptop/netbook to print to DS-Print: please see for instructions. The Faculty of Economics IT Support colleagues might be able to help you Monday to Friday: 9:30 to 16:30.

There is one combined photocopier / printer / scanner at the top of the Gallery stairs which uses the DS-Print "common balance" system, i.e. any student who wants to print / photocopy / scan must have sufficient credit in their common balance account. When you print, please be aware that the Printer's name should start with 'Econ_Lib_XXXXX'.

How do you pay for printing / photocopying?

a. Online at eCredit ( Full instructions are available at

b. From the desktop of any PWF (Public Workstation Facility) PC as shown below:

pwf screenshot to find ecredit

c. Using cash at Library Issue Desk, Faculty Reception or the IT Office (Room 53, 3rd Floor of the Austin Robinson building).

Please note that Library staff can only add credit to the accounts of students who have already registered their DS-Print acccount with the Faculty of Economics. If you are not from economics you will have to add credit online. The colleagues in the IT Office might be able to add you: Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:30

What type of printing is available?

In the Library to print ...Select PrinterPrice (per piece of paper)
A4 Black & White (This is the default setting) Econ_Lib_BW 5p
A4 Colour Econ_Lib_Col 30p
A3 Black & White Econ_Lib_BW_A3 5p
A3 Colour Econ_Lib_Col_A3 30p
All print jobs will come out on the Library photocopier
All printers are set to print double sided by default
In the Basement to print ...Select Printer :Price (per piece of paper)
A4 Black & White (This is the default setting) Econ_B3_BW 5p
A4 Colour Econ_B3_Col 30p
A3 Black & White Econ-B3_BW_A3 5p
A3 Colour Econ_B3_Col_A3 30p
All print jobs will come out on the photocopier in Computer Room B3
All printers are set to print double sided by default

How do you photocopy?

The combined photocopier / printer is located at the top of the stairs in the Gallery. You may log into the photocopier in two ways :

With your University Card

Scan your card over the card reader ...

... you will then be prompted to enter your Raven username & password on the touch sensitive screen. This will 'associate' your card with your log-in and will mean that, in future, you will simply need to swipe your card over the card reader and it will log you in automatically.

With your desktop services username & login

Use the touch-sensitive screen to enter your desktop services / PWF username & password.

How much does scanning cost?

Scanning is free.

How do students scan?

  • Log in as described above
  • Insert USB stick into port to the right of the machine
  • Press 'Yes' when 'Removeable memory was recognized' message appears
  • Press 'Store file'
  • Select required scan settings & scan ... all scans will go automatically to your USB
  • To safely remove your USB, simply press 'Back to list' and then 'Remove memory'

Can I print to the library printer from my laptop?

Yes, but you will need to install the DS-Print utility on your laptop. More information and instructions on how to do this can be found here :