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Loan periods / overdue charges

Our system applies different loan periods and overdue charges (fines in case you return or renew books late), depending on whether it is full term time, or vacation time. Also, you won't be able to recall a book during vacation times.

Loan periods and overdue charges:

Book categoryLoan durationOverdue charges

In term time only:

able to place


Reserve 2 hours or overnight (non-renewable)

1 day
(renewable x5)

50p per book per hour £1 per book per day No No
Short Loan

2 days
(renewable x50)

For period of vacation (non-renewable)

£1 per book

per day

£1 per


per day
Hold No
Open Shelf & Basement

4 weeks
(renewable x5)

For period of vacation (non-renewable)

10p per book per day

(£1 per book per day if recalled!)

10p per book per day Hold Recall